Born in Belgrade in 1947, Madlena Zepter graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Department of the Serbian Language and Literature. She has lived and worked abroad for the past thirty years and with her husband, Philip Zepter, she founded and built an international empire: Zepter International. With her interest and the concepts she strives to realize, Madlena Zepter is oriented towards culture, artistic heritage, education, ecology and international solidarity.

Her particular philosophy of life and her donations through institutions, that essentially bear her name of founder and sole grantor have introduced Mrs. Zepter into the honourable family of great philanthropists of the Serbian people. The Madlena Zepter Fund - offers grants to young talents and sponsorship to scientific, technical and cultural projects.
She is founder and owner of the Zepter Gallery.
The Zepter Book World - a publishing house within the Zepter system and Madl’Art - the first auction house in Serbia.
The Chamber Opera Madlenianum is the first private opera house in the Balkans, a unique phenomenon in theatre life, not only in Belgrade and Serbia, but also in a much broader context.
Two beautiful buildings - the Zepter Building in the centre of Belgrade and Villa Emma at Dedinje were built with endowments from the Zepter family.
Madlena Zepter is the general sponsor of the literary award granted by the women’s magazine Politika Bazar (Zensko Pero) and the prestigious award for acting presented by the Performing Arts Association (Dobricin prsten).
Mrs. Zepter is also the founder and honorary chairperson of two European, global awards PRIX LITTERAIRE EUROPEEN Madlena Zepter and Zepter International Design Award - ARTZEPT.
Madlena Zepter has received a distinguished award from the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences for her patronage in ecology and culture.
She lives and works in Monaco, Paris and Belgrade.