ZEPTER International Design Award – ARTZEPT 2020

Zepter International is pleased to announce 17th design competition ARTZEPT for 2020 entitled:


ART WALL INSTALLATIONS, for the conceptual solution of a wall decoration on the rendered outdoor facade of a facility, measuring 629 cm in height by 697 cm in width, as a part of the Zepter Foundation museum complex. The contestants are expected to propose a technically feasible visual solution applicable in a wide range of modern, durable and weather-proof materials. The entry must be an original, unique creation whose lines, surfaces, volume and proportions will reflect the designer’s vision. We trust your creative spirit and vision to breathe a new life into the museum building. An Expert Jury appointed by Zepter International will select the most successful works on this topic.

Remember: the submission deadline is October 31st, 2020. Come on, join in!

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