Zepter International is pleased to announce 14th design competition ARTZEPT for 2017 entitled:


Our competition theme has never had a broader range, or, indeed, has been more imaginative... This time we do not ask you to design pots and pans – we already produce the world-class cookware.  This year’s theme is  KITCHEN GADGETS.

The kitchen has become the heart of home both as the place to enjoy everyday meals and as an area to whip up an extravagant feast should an occasion demand it. To that end, it should be styled with all the utensils and accessories – kitchen gadgets –  required to make cooking and serving as enjoyable as possible for every type of cook.

Unleash your imagination to create something extraordinary and spice up both “haute cuisine” and daily home food preparation.

We trust your creative instincts and vision and we do not set limits. The only boundary is the synergy of beauty and functionality and that is infinite.

An Expert Jury appointed by Zepter International shall select the most successful works on this topic.

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2017

The entries ought to be submitted no later than 30 September, 2017 in electronic format only and to the following e-mail addresses: slowstar@ptt.rs and pressoffice@zepteritaly.com via https://wetransfer.com or any other large-file sharing service. Works sent after the specified date shall not be considered for the competition.

Entering this competition constitutes the entrant’s acceptance of its terms and conditions.

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