Zepter International is pleased to announce the 15th design competition ARTZEPT for 2018 entitled:


Previous Artzept competitions were thematically defined and contestants were free to choose the materials and methods. This year, however, it is the other way around – the theme ANYTHING CAN GLOW is open, unstructured and the designers themselves are to decide about its content, while the material – LED (Light Emitting Diodes), which can be fitted into various artistic contexts, household objects and materials (wood, glass, rubber, polyester and various composite materials) – is a set requirement.

LED have been chosen as the focal point of the artistic expression as they represent the contemporary hi-tech sensibility incorporated in both the present and the future but also because radiance and glow effect permeates the modern world, while the significance of its role in arts as well as in contemporary multi-media techniques is indisputable. The choice of LED does not necessarily imply designing a lighting object, but rather its incorporation into various useful household items where they would not be normally found.

Dear designers, you are expected to propose interesting and aesthetically acceptable ways to make the best possible use of this modern and efficient light source... Let your imagination, understanding and, above all, your broad and flexible perception of lighting skyrocket! What we expect from you are both creative ideas and practical, functional solutions.

We trust your creative spirit and vision and do not bind you. The only boundary is the synergy of beauty and functionality – and that is limitless.

An Expert Jury appointed by Zepter International shall select the most successful works on this topic.

The entries ought to be submitted no later than 15th October, 2018 in electronic format only and to the following e-mail addresses: slowstar@ptt.rs and pressoffice@zepteritaly.com via https://wetransfer.com or any other large-file sharing service. Works sent after the specified date shall not be considered for the competition.

Entering this competition constitutes the entrant’s acceptance of its terms and conditions.

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