MasterPiece - Frame Series

We find moments in the history of mankind where grandeur and monumentality (artistic/cultural) were important enough to be considered the epitome at the time, but remain as eternal civilizational landmarks. Scale as common denominator contradicts all logic, defying all human canons particularly its emotional approach.
Thus, the Moai, the Pyramids of Giza, the Alcobaça monastery, the palace of Versailles, Titanic, Casa Poporului, Burj Khalifa (among many other examples) are built to be the finest examples of an eccentric approach with the sole purpose of the human person’s unconditional surrender, his eternal subjugation to a cause or a trend.
In the 17th century, Baroque style concentrates the present dogma, fragmented in the examples that both preceded and followed it, flourishing as a defined aesthetic movement, synthesis of these emotional outbursts, using exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur.
Albeit a risky appropriation, the intention of a neo-baroque proposal, in an era when the Concorde no longer takes off for being neither profitable, nor ecological, translates into an uncompromised philosophical approach, grounded by contemporary demands of sustainability and versatility, which could not be met by using a traditional kind of material. EPP (expanded polypropylene) fulfils the aforementioned demands like no other material currently available. This flexible plastic foam possesses remarkable properties that facilitate an uncompromised design approach, resulting in a lightweight but structurally sound proposal: MasterPiece!

Technical specifications:
Expanded PolyPropylene