The theme of the design project is a frame for a mirror. This construction can be installed in the living room, hallway or at the exhibition as installation. The frame is made in a biomorphic style. This style was chosen because now people live in an artificial environment, and humans are out of touch with nature. I tried to partially restore this connection through the introduction of natural and plant motifs into the interior.
My frame for a mirror is a complex volume. Its geometries are created by rods of varying widths and configurations. Rods support the mirrors and each other. At the rods’ base, they smoothly flow in a massive ellipsoidal body, which serves as the weighting and support for the entire construction. Each mirror has a unique shape and size. I expressed the qualities of nature as identity and diversity with this decision.
The volumetric shape of the frame and the circular arrangement of mirrors allow images to come from all sides. Two large mirrors help a person to see himself in full view. Small mirrors have a two-fold increase, which allow us to consider the fine details on the face. The design has no sharp corners, so it is impossible to catch on or cut yourself, besides it gives to the frame a more friendly character. You can hang a hanger with clothes, umbrellas or other items on the frame.
There are two methods, which are suggested for manufacturing the structure. First - bending and welding metal tubes. Second - 3D printing of individual segments of plastic and securing them together. Each mirror has an external frame, which fixes its position.
A dark gray color was chosen for the frame, as a contrast with the active eflecting mirror’s surface. Because of this color score the construction can fit into different rooms.

Technique and materials:
modular chrome hectagonal and pentagonal frames joined by neodynium magnets
Unit dimensions:
400mm x 400mm