Created as the result of many years of relentless scientific research and technological development, Zepter products represent a unique system that offers a complete solution for a healthy lifestyle. All Zepter products have been developed with the same high quality standards and excellent workmanship to enhance your health and well-being, inspired by the miracle of human life and its immense possibilities.

We believe that only well-informed people can make the right choice when it comes to improving their health and quality of life. That’s why our sales force is specifically trained to provide a highly professional and quality presentation of Zepter’s products. Zepter has created a secure bridge between mankind and nature, turning us towards a healthy way of living with a wide range of top-quality products, organised in 5 brand divisions:

Zepter Medical

BIOPTRON Swiss Light Therapy System intended for wound healing, tissue repair and pain management. It is also used in cosmetic skincare. Approved as a Medical device.
THERAPY AIR and THERAPY AIR PLUS innovative Air Purifying Systems to protect your health and improve your well-being. Therapy Air defeats indoor pollution and destroys all those viruses, bacteria and moulds which fl oat around in any environment.
VITAL SYSTEM, are medical and cosmetic devices which open new horizons for health and beauty. Vital System boosts your health and pleases your body.

Zepter Cosmetics

LA DANZA skincare is an exclusive line of scientifically-advanced Swiss cosmetic products based on active ingredients with spectacular beautifying and healing properties which effectively fight the signs of ageing and help the skin regain and maintain its essential youthfulness.

SWISSO LOGICAL skincare is based on vegetable proteins and freshly picked Echinacea from the Swiss Alps. It offers five different lines: Skincare, Active Spa, Sun, Baby, and Philip for Men.

SWISSO LOGICAL EXXXTRA make-up. Top-quality ingredients to beautify and take care of your skin at the same time.

SWISS NATURE skincare. An anti-ageing line with Edelweiss extract, a natural cocktail of substances which successfully combat the free radicals generated by UV light, smoke and pollution.

Zepter Luxury

Philip Zepter Exclusive Timepieces are meant for people whose watch is as precious as their time. Swiss-made collections fashioned in a limited series in the land of precision and quality.
Philip Zepter Exclusive Writing Instruments are stylish pens which share the craftsmanship of top Italian masters.
Philip Zepter Exclusive Jewellery. Modern, sophisticated and elegantly-designed, the jewellery and accessories collections are designed for women and men to enhance their style.
Magnetic Therapy, jewels which offer beneficial effects for your health.
Philip Zepter Home Design are elegant and luxurious collections that represent Zepter’s discerning taste for exquisite details.
ZEPTER TIMEPIECES: the perfect blend of the finest materials, exceptionally crafted down to the last detail.
ZEPTER JEWELLERY: a love affair with sensational jewellery design and unique materials.

Zepter Home Art

Masterpiece Cookware is the patented revolutionary kitchen art with which Zepter conquered the world and that allows you to cook without adding water, salt or oil.
Tableware, a wide range of table items (Drinking sets, Magic Harmony glasses, Porcelain, Tablecloths, Underplates, Cutlery and Knives) in which Zepter combines both style and elegance.
Tableart, a sophisticated range of vases and table decorations. The perfect combination of the finest-quality materials and modern design.
VACSY is a patented Vacuum System used worldwide that preserves fresh and cooked food, thus keeping its natural organic properties and vitamins.
MIXSY, your kitchen multifunction mixer that saves you time and work.
ZE-PRESSO® CAFÉ, The real coffee experience.

Zepter Home Care

CLEANSY is a revolutionary Cleaning System. It ranges from a Water-Vacuum Cleaning System as well as Steam Cleaning, Ironing and Disinfecting System. TUTTOLUXO 6S Complete Cleaning System
TUTTOLUXO 2S Water Vacuum Cleaning System
TUTTOLUXO SS, Super Silent Vacuum Cleaning System
TURBOhandy 2in1, Vacuum cleaner with detachable unit
Aqua Jebbo, Steam Cleaning and Ironing System.
Aqueena, the most advanced, reliable and modern Water Purifying System that provides clean, healthy water just as nature intended.
CleanSymag, magnetic water softener.
SPYTEL is the ultimate Security Alarm System. An emergency call system, baby phone and car phone to ensure the protection of your family and property, granting you high security.

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